Willow Bay Recreation Area

The Willow and The Bay Cafe.

Open 7 days a week 6am-10pm.

Cafe: (208) 226-2688

C-Store: (208) 226-9995

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**The Willow Bay Cafe will be reopening March 2nd, 2015.

The Willow Bay Recreation Area offers a boat ramp to the reservoir, public beaches, playground areas, picnic and camping facilities complete with showers and a laundromat, and a recreational vehicle campground. A new bike path starts at The Bay Cafe and takes you through the park and into some of the wetlands that adorn the area.

** For your convenience, you can pay boat launch fees and inquire about camping fees at the Cafe**

Camping Fees:

Water, sewer, and electric daily- $30.00
Water and electric daily- $25.00
Dry camping daily- $18.00
Water, sewer, and electric weekly- $180.00
Water and electric weekly- $150.00

Water, sewer, and electric monthly- $450.00

Dry camping daily (special occasion)-$12.00

(Special occasion designation requires City Council action)

Extra Vehicle Parking (non-towing vehicle)-$5.00/Day

Extra Vehicle Parking for monthly residents- $50.00/Month

(RV plus one vehicle allowed-anything else is considered an extra vehicle. Extra vehicle parking at concessionaires direction)

Boat Launching Fees:

Boat Launch daily- $5.00
Boat Launch season- $50.00

 Boat Storage

Boat storage (seasonal)- $100.00
Boat storage (year round)- $200.00