Willow Bay Recreation Area

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The Willow Bay Cafe & RV.

Cafe: (208) 226-2688

C-Store: (208) 226-2688




The Willow Bay Recreation Area offers a boat ramp to the reservoir, public beaches, playground areas, picnic and camping facilities complete with showers and a laundromat, and a recreational vehicle campground. A new bike path starts at The Bay Cafe and takes you through the park and into some of the wetlands that adorn the area.

For availability of facilities during winter season please call 208-226-2688 for details. Facilities may be limited after November 1st due to the winter weather.

** For your convenience, you can pay boat launch fees and inquire about camping fees at the C-Store**

Camping Fees:

Water, sewer, and electric daily- $45.00

Dry camping daily- $20.00

Water, sewer, and electric weekly- $200.00

Water, sewer, and electric monthly- $500.00

Dry camping daily (special occasion)-$15.00

(Special occasion designation requires City Council action)

Extra Vehicle Parking (non-towing vehicle)-$5.00/Day

Extra Vehicle Parking for monthly residents- $50.00/Month

(RV plus one vehicle allowed-anything else is considered an extra vehicle. Extra vehicle parking at concessionaires direction)

Boat Launching Fees:

Boat Launch daily- $5.00
Boat Launch season- $50.00

 Boat Storage

Boat storage (seasonal)- $150.00
Boat storage (year round)- $250.00