COVID-19 Updates


Our Community – COVID-19 – Essential Update

By: Mayor Marc Beitia

9:00 AM, March 27, 2020 – 189 confirmed cases and 3 deaths from COVID-19 in Idaho.

How you can help us help you:

  • Please stay home except for essential needs (see Governor’s order)
  • Please practice Social Distancing – 6 to 10 feet of separation between each other
  • Please practice Respiratory Hygiene – sneeze or cough into your bent elbow
  • Please wash your hands frequently – especially after touching hard surfaces and door knobs
  • Please disinfect hard surfaces regularly – counter tops and door knobs
  • Please try not to touch your face – eyes, nose or mouth
  • Please stay home if you are sick – contact your healthcare provider


  • See simplified poster and official order on here on the City website.

COVID-19 Supplies Needed

Southeastern Idaho Public Health (SIPH) is asking communities for donations of surgical or N95 masks, medical grade gloves, handsanitizer and disinfectant (spray or wipes) for first responders and health care workers in southeast Idaho.  Area responders are having a difficult time obtaining these much needed supplies to protect our community due to the shortage nationwide.  Donations can be delivered to all Southeastern Idaho Public Health offices or at Power County, 590 ½ Gifford, American Falls, 208.226.5096.  Call before delivering please.


  • Please see the City website for the link in English and Spanish for the U.S. SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FACT SHEET – ECONOMIC INJURY DISASTER LOANS.
  • Steps for how to apply are contained in the factsheet.


I have received many questions today about the issuing of tickets if people don’t comply with Governor Little’s order.  My question to the community why would you put officers in a position to have write a ticket.  The order was given for your safety, your family’s safety, your community’s safety and to keep the virus from spreading to other areas.  The order is clear if you need essential items, practice social distancing, get your items and return home then stay at home.  If you go out for fresh air again practice social distancing, if you touch a public surface wash your hands. Please don’t point fingers.  We can only control ourselves, meaning each of us have responsibility to keep our self and our families safe.  Those with essential jobs thank you for the long hours, for providing for the critical needs to our residents.  Those complying with the order thank you.  Those who aren’t following the order start now by doing what is right.  There will always be a select few that need to be reminded and our officers will do that as professionally as possible.  When officers find people not following the order we will remind them the order is for their personal safety and safety of others.  I know the majority of the community can and will comply.  My hope would be if we all work together our lives will return to normal sooner than later.  We all live in a safe place and it takes us all to keep it that way.  We can and will get through this.  If we can endure three hard weeks and beat this because we followed directions just think of the long summer we could have outdoors with our families.  Join us and we got this!


  • Sewer backups are becoming much more frequent all over the country because everyone is spending more time at home and trying to get rid of all the sanitizer wipes and flushable wipes by flushing them down the toilet. PLEASE STOP!
  • Most wipes are not biodegradable in a sewage processing plant AND CLOG HOME DRAINS. Even if labeled as FLUSHABLE regardless of how they are advertised they CLOG and COMPROMISE this essential service and City system.  Dispose of all wipes and other products that are not toilet paper in the regular garbage please.
  • PLEASE help us prevent another serious problem where one need not exist.

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